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TUTORED TO LEARN is very much about what it’s title implies. Its all about sharpening those mental skills which enable us to avoid errors and employ logic and knowledge to our  greatest personal advantage. ‘Tutored To Learn’ will be moderated by two like-minded souls who believe there is a God and He wants us all to have a good relationship with Him and the rest of His creation around us.

We feel a website such as this is necessary given the state of confusion that pervades every aspect of human societal interaction.

It is easy to discern the confused state of governments. We see the confused state of the commercial world. There is confusion as to what is morally right or wrong. There is confusion over family and gender roles established at the beginning of human history. And we see confusion about what true Christian behavior really is.

The first Section, presented by Richard Weathers, considers the use of logic in its broad application; that is in the everyday life of any human being and no matter where they are in the world. All humans are subjected to Babylonian style confusion because Satan’s empire is global.

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Both these moderators believe that the more people employ logic and reasoning in their theology, the more they will become true disciples of Jesus Christ and his Father יהוה. They welcome fellow participants who appreciate Logic and Thinking ability as the right arm of truth in any mutually acceptable relationship with their creator and his Messiah, Jesus Christ.

The second Section, presented by John ben Wilhelm, specifically addresses using logic and the logical methodology to accurately interpret the Bible’s teachings.

‘Babylon the Great’ is the devil’s world empire. As confusion has been the most noteable and lasting impression left from ancient Babylon, confusion is at the core of Babylon the Great’s nature.  Satan has created an atmosphere (an ‘air’) that leads to a state of uncertainty and confusion.

God’s written word the Holy Scriptures that has been understood under the guidance of his Holy Spirit, is the ‘eye salve’ spoken of in the Book of Revelation by the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.  It will clear spiritual vision and allow one to see and avoid becoming spiritually blinded and confused by the demons.

Although many realize this to be the truth of matters, they seek but do not come to a full, accurate understanding of the Bible. In some of these cases it is a matter of not taking in the Bible’s information in a way that leads to comprehension.

The devil’s organization does not want you to think rationally. It does not want you to employ logic. Doing so reveals the devil’s agents, their lies, and their agenda. So, they have every reason to keep true believers in the dark mentally, and therefore spiritually.

Richard Weathers will post a series of articles in a Section entitled, “Learning How to Think Logically”. It is designed to sharpen our cognitive skills by providing tools, exercises and examples by which we can all improve our mental abilities in avoiding the error and confusion in the world around us.

Understanding basic logic will enhance an individual’s ability to use their mental capabilities to their fullest extent. Any tool is of best service when it user has familiarized themselves with it. A the most proficient or journeyman are those who master it’s usage. The mind is a tool. To optimize its usage, we must understand how it operates in term of processes.

John ben Wilhelm will post a series under pages carrying the banner “MENTALLY CONNECTING TO BIBLE TRUTH”.  This a series of articles are designed to help you employ logic in understanding what was written in God’s inspired message to Humans.


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The moderators of this site welcome all who appreciate that reason and truth are essentials in their lives and in their relationship with their creator. This site is dedicated to improving cognitive skills that help individuals differentiate what is true and false from the perspective of  their creator and according to his inspired word, the Holy Bible.

As Christians first, then moderators, we invite like minded participation in this site.  This is a shared learning environment. However we extend our invitation with some simple ground rules.

 Rules of conduct for Online Participation

No  commercial exploitation will be tolerated: Only links relevant to the theme and purpose of this site will be permitted.

Be Patient:Read everything in the discussion thread before replying. This will help you avoid repeating something someone else has already contributed. Acknowledge the points made with which you agree and suggest alternatives for those with which you don’t.

Be Brief: You want to be clear—and to articulate your point—without being preachy or pompous. Be direct. Stay on point.

Use Proper Writing Style: This is a must. Write as if you were writing a term paper. Correct spelling, grammatical construction and sentence structure are expected in every other writing activity associated with scholarship and academic engagement. Online discussions are no different.

Cite Your Sources:  If your contribution to the conversation includes the intellectual property (authored material) of others, e.g., books, newspaper, magazine, or journal articles—online or in print—they must be given proper attribution.

Respect Diversity: It’s an ethnically rich and diverse, multi-cultural world in which we live. Use no language that is—or that could be construed to be offensive toward others.

No YELLING! Step carefully. Beware the electronic footprint you leave behind. Using bold upper-case letters is bad form, like stomping around and yelling at somebody (NOT TO MENTION BEING HARD ON THE EYE).

No Flaming! Criticism must be constructive, well-meaning, and well-articulated. Please, no tantrums. Rants directed at any other contributor are simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The same goes for profanity.

Before sending your comment:

Remember: You Can’t Un-Ring the Bell. Language is your only tool in an online environment. Be mindful. How others perceive you will be largely—as always—up to you. Once you’ve hit the send button, you’ve rung the bell.

Review your written comments and responses to ensure that you’ve conveyed exactly what you intended. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your proofreading, revision, and rewriting skills—valuable assets in the professional world for which you are now preparing.


Read your comments out loud before hitting the send button. This will tell you a lot about whether your grammar and sentence structure are correct, your tone is appropriate, and your contribution clear or not.

Report Glitches:Website discussion forums are electronic. They break. If for any reason you experience difficulty participating, please email, at tutored2learn@gmail.com about the issue you are encountering.  Chances are others are having the same problem.

Your hosts,

Richard Weathers and John ben Wilhelm, moderators




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