My name is John ben Wilhelm. I am an Author, Essayist and Bible researcher. I have written numerous books and essays about the bible including a comprehensive “At home” bible study course in four volumes. My books and essays are available for viewing at http://www.mining-bibles-4-truth.com/

For more than forty years I have been mystified about something which I only recently realized a solution for. For me and I suspect many other thinking persons it was something of an enigma. When you ask a typical Christian about the Bible, they are quick to tell you how they believe it to be God’s inspired word and how much they love the Bible. What mystified me was; how could so many people, all claim to love and believe, some of them even claiming to be experts in the Bible and yet have so many conflicting opinions about the meanings they get from it.? I had no problem coming up with the typical reasons others do, but I really couldn’t say that any one in particular trumped all the rest. Some of the obvious reasons are:


I was sure all these fit quite well and covered many instances. But somehow, I hadn’t gotten to the core. Then, I discovered the real root reason, the one behind all the others and the one which has effectively kept most people from fully understanding the bible for centuries. That reason is a figurative ‘two’ headed monster named ‘Ignorance and confusion’. This figurative monster also has a body which these heads are attached to. That Body is ‘deception’ or more clearly the art of deception which in its most fundamental and uncomplicated sense is ‘Artful Lying’.

In Pursuit of Bible Understanding

In Pursuit of Bible Understanding

In the case of the Bible, while lots of religious folks recognize it as God’s word containing the wisdom that he wants his human family to have, what they don’t consider is how much human institutions, their translators, their clergy and official religious orthodoxy have had their fingers in controlling what comes out of what people read from the bible. The more I carefully investigated the Bible from a stand point of logic and reasoning, the more I began to see reasons why there is so much confusion between what people think and what was actually put there by God.

In the Bible as we have it today, what was originally inspired to be written by the creator has been overlaid with centuries of man-made dogma and doctrines which have very successfully obscured much of the meaning God originally intended the Bible to convey. What I found historically was a clandestine conspiracy to keep people ignorant of much of the meaning God meant to be derived from scripture. This was done initially by keeping  people in a state of ignorance by withholding the Bible from the masses and limiting its exposure to a small elite clergy. These men would dispense bits and pieces as they saw fit and towards their own advantage in maintaining authority and power over their followers. The order of the day for well over a thousand years was; If you had a question about God you had to ask your minister, priest or rabbi. The bible was just not available to you.

This kept people informed only about those things a religious power structure wanted them to hear and ignorant of other things in the Bible which God wanted them to know. It also provided a sufficient period of time for a whole body of dogma and doctrine to be developed by men who had placed themselves between God and the masses in positions where they could act like gods in their own right. By the time when bibles became readily available to the masses these doctrines became so well entrenched in peoples thinking that it was an easy task to keep people confused from the pristine truth in the Bible which exposed these erroneous teachings.

thomas payne quote

Ignorance and confusion are beneficial to any religious establishment which wants to retain power by making its followers dependent on its self- interested leaders. When ignorance first began to lose its hold and was not enough to maintain control, confusion would take over. It would do this by referring readers to the very ones who were interested in keeping them ignorant. So the meanings that people would take out of the Bible naturally could remain distorted to benefit the few. This was accomplished in several different ways; One was by manipulating the meanings of important words and phrases in the bible. For example God had a scriptural name in Hebrew. It has been buried completely. The best we can ascertain is that it contained the Hebrew consonants HWHY (translated into English -YHWH). Hebrew names were important to understanding the meaning behind the person or entity which bore that name. By obscuring God’s name and the full meaning behind it, it nurtured a certain level of ignorance about him and his purposes. Another example is the misuse of various forms of the word God instead of YHWH. By using God, god, Lord, lord, Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, HaShem, El shadai,  Ehyeh asher ehyeh (I Am), Kurios, didaskalos, Melekh, Qodesh `Elyown, Pantokrator, Yashar and according to some sources, over seven hundred other designations to refer to Almighty God the creator, confusion boggles the minds of readers.  They find themselves left depending on their religious leaders for answers to their questions about who God really is.

Another was the manipulation of numerous word meanings, confusing bible readers, thereby making them endlessly reliant on their clergy for explanations. Examples where word meanings were manipulated causing bible readers confusion are; ‘day’ where the meaning of a twenty four hour period was universally applied in hundreds of instances whereas the original languages the bible was written in had nine different meanings for the word. The word ‘spirit’ was assigned a vague mystical meaning while over thirty five other nuances in meanings were ignored. Words such as faith, belief and trust were inter-changed with one another and given simple intellectual meanings while their deeper spiritual meanings were ignored,

Another way was by substituting literal meanings for symbolism and symbolic or figurative meanings for originally intended literal ones. An Example of this is found in Genesis where the tree of “the knowledge of good and bad” is understood as a literal tree with literal fruit by many readers, and not as it really was, a symbolic representation of something far more important. Another example is found in Revelations where a symbolic number of 144,000 (Rev 7:4-8) is taken literally by so called bible experts despite immediate and wider context clearly indicating otherwise. (Rev 1:1 “A Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to Him to show to His slaves things which must occur quickly. “Presented in signs” NWT -”He signified” LITV, YLT, DBY, KJV, WEB and others).

Then there was also a form of actual revisionism where punctuation, grammatical construction and word changes distorted scriptural meaning to an extent where newly developed grammatical rules and conventions were needed to explain conflicts where none had originally existed. Yet these examples are only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ (a small sample) of ignorance and confusion employed with the idea of creating a following for a power hungry clergy class of religionists intent on ruling their fellow man.

According to a line of thought invoked by Jesus Christ wherein he said you would recognize the tree by the fruit it bears, there can be no other conclusion but that there was some deliberate intent in all this. When we put all these factors together, it forms a pattern where ignorance and confusion play a major role in keeping humans away from a meaningful relationship with their creator These strategies were employed by God’s enemy’s with the intent of deceiving humans about the true nature of their creator, Almighty God (YHWH), who he is, what he is like and what he stands for.

By teaching followers a large assortment of deviations from the plain and simple truth of the Bible they have managed to create a counterfeit Christianity consisting of over three thousand different denominations, each with a hybrid set of beliefs it holds as its truth. Then there is an even a larger worldwide community including masses of people who reject the Bible in favor of a myriad of religious forms or no religion at all. Confusion about the Bible instilled by God’s enemies has contributed greatly to this.

The antidote to this figurative disease called ignorance and confusion is education. Not education with more facts and figures, rather education on its most primary level. Education in cognitive reasoning, reasoning the Bible refers to as “thinking ability”. Today, people to a large extent have either lost their innate reasoning ability or have become lethargic in its use. It has become increasingly easier to simply adopt and embrace someone else’s thought processes. The worldwide system of things with its media, educational and informational sub-systems has been more than willing to do the thinking for all the people on this earth. It is for this reason this site is being developed.

Proverbs 23 verse 7
It is with the intent of helping people regain their own innate thinking abilities and to use them to make better decisions both in life and in religion. Towards that end this site will be offering techniques and ways to sharpen ones thinking ability to an extent where deception and error are more easily recognized. It is through this ability that people will not only be able to improve their own lives but also to recognize when they are being subjected to erroneous or misleading information by others.



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